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CPAs In The Network

CPAs and Agents in the networkStart a business, accumulate wealth and achieve financial independence, and retire to a life of luxury, leaving your heirs with a business that is thriving and increasing in value with determination and dedication you can do it, only in America.We are looking for those students and graduate CPAs who want to build their own future to work or partner with us.

CPA Firms

You will be a sub-firm of Gumax CPAs when contracted. We will be acquiring contracts and we will do aggressive advertising nationwide. We’ll be contracting your firm or partnering with your firm. The workload will be the portion your firm is most capable of doing. This also gives chance for your firm to grow and have immediate access to the different experienced CPAs in the network. Gumax CPAs is a network of CPA’s. With experiences in Auditing, Construction, Wholesale, Restaurants, franchise accounting, Billing Pay Roll to name but a few.

One of our goals is to enable you to immediately benefit from offering bank products and financial products and expanding your firm’s branches in the near future.

To join our network please send resume to Your site will be added after working with us.


The Drake Advisory Group (DAG) is one more way that Gumax focuses on ensuring success for you and your clients. It was formed as a back office for your firm to provide case management, review, preparation, and technical support for tax preparers who use Gumax in the areas of retirement, estate and estate tax reduction, reduction of social security taxation, and business continuation and restructuring. DAG has retirement specialists, advanced underwriters, and attorneys exclusively available to you through your relationship.